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Carolyn Pelloux, Esq.

Attorney Carolyn Pelloux

Ms. Pelloux has been practicing law for 13 years and specializes in all aspects of Divorce, Criminal Defense and Juvenile Law.

Specializing in litigation, Ms. Pelloux is an agressive trial attorney who is able to affect positive resolution for her clients.  While always trying to resolve cases amicably Ms. Pelloux will take whatever steps necessary to ensure her clients receive a fair and just outcome.

Prior to entering Law School, Ms. Pelloux was employed as a research and development administrative supervisor for Ares Serono Pharmaceuticals.  Parts of her responsibilities included managing office staff, and coordinating research protocol and laboratory outcome for approximately 20 laboratories internationally.   

Ms. Pelloux speaks fluent Spanish and has received training in Hispanic/Latino cultural norms regarding children and families.   This background has been invaluable to the practice as it enables Ms. Pelloux to identify and ensure consideration for of cultural norms for Hispanic families.  

Ms. Pelloux has researched the use of prescribed medications in the treatment of mental health disorders including the side effects of such medications on both children and adults.  She is quite familiar with IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and has done significant work with the mental health court creating familiarity with a variety of testing procedures related to diagnosing mental health issues.     

Ms. Pelloux works with school districts in creating alternative education models for truant youth and regularly attends school district planning meetings regarding at-risk youth.   For the first eight years of her practice, Ms. Pelloux was a volunteer attorney for Project Safeguard in the Denver metro and has also received training on the dynamics of domestic violence including the impact on the adult victim, the children and the batterer.  All of these experience and training have helped Ms. Pelloux to understand the issues that impact families involved in the Dependency and Neglect court and child welfare system.

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